Prize 1: Easiest Bill to Understand


RadNet’s design aims to make the bill as concise as possible. RadNet provides adaptable bills that line up with the patient’s current experience, including options for the uninsured or for past due payments. Their clear use of color segments the page or screen, making it easy to locate and read specific information. The bill includes a strong presentation of payment due, payment options, and insurance details. Plain language explanations put charges in context.

"I particularly like the relationship between a simple paper bill and a more detailed explanation online as it allows patient to get as much or as little information as s/he sees fit."


"This bill is easy to understand. A great presentation of app and paper bill that is not over- simplified. A patient-first approach for the episode of care. A clear depiction of how insurance is factored into patient’s cost of care."



Honorable Mentions

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